Happy International Women’s Month!

During the month of March, we take the time to recognize the accomplishments and challenges that women face around the world. As the daughter of a women entrepreneur, business founder, and Mulay’s owner I have had the opportunity to watch my mom overcome great challenges and achieve amazing success while working in a male dominated industry. The importance of my mom’s accomplishments for women is not lost on me, in college I majored in women and gender history where we often discussed bias’s that women face. For my mom, she is often the only women in the room when she meets with potential retailers and suppliers, putting her in a position where she may be overlooked, disregarded, or misunderstood simply because of her gender. Situations like this require women, especially those of minority and ethnic backgrounds to self-advocate and be active allies. As the Mulay’s founder and owner these are skills that my mom uses everyday, they enable her to ensure that she is giving you all the best quality and tasting products on the market - sausage she is proud to serve her own family! 

Women owned business are more likely to give back to the, and Mulay’s is no different! Studies show that women are more likely to consider how they can better serve the community. At Mulay’s my mom has led a companywide giving initiative which enables company staff to support the community in various ways. One thing Mulay’s does regularly is donate product to our local Round Pantry, which supplies groceries for those in need. And during the pandemic Mulay’s donated product to restaurants in Road Island and Denver, CO who were preparing meals for those who could not leave their homes during the pandemic. Each of these avenues provides a space for Mulay’s and our team to focus on the community around us and how we can support those in need.  

Women entrepreneurs, founders, and owners do amazing things for their local communities and for the generations of women to come. My mom and all the path makers and game changers are building a world for their daughters, like me and my sister, and for our future daughters. By becoming leading women in industries that have and often still try to exclude women. The opportunities women realize today enable the next generations to continue their work advancing equitability, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace! Because of my mom and her peers, it is important to celebrate International Women’s Month. During the Month of March there is time for us all to recognize and honor the great work women are doing around the world.