Get Your Grill Ready for Memorial Day

We have TONS of great grill recipes using different Mulay’s products – from Chorizo Burgers to Meatball Skewers. But if you really want to impress the neighbors, go BIG this year with the Mulay’s Grill Extravaganza – it truly is incredible! Mulay’s Grill Extravaganza INGREDIENTS packages of Mulay’s Italian Sausage (or Chorizo) lb. chicken thighs 1/4 cup olive oil Tablespoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper 2 – 10oz packages ABF Bacon 8 ciabatta rolls 1 onion 1 each of yellow & red peppers DIRECTIONS 1. In a large bowl combine chicken thighs with olive oil and spices, set aside. Evenly coat the grill basket (both sides) with a non-stick spray. 2. On a large baking tray, place the open the grill basket with one side resting on the tray. Begin by layering bacon on the basket grill, perpendicular to the wires, until all is covered. On a flat surface put a sheet of plastic wrap down that is a little larger than the basket grill. Place 1 package of Mulay’s sausage on the plastic and cover with another sheet of plastic. Push sausage flat with your hands then rollout with a rolling pin or pint glass until it is the size of the basket grill. Take off top plastic sheet and carefully layer sausage on top of bacon. Place the chicken pieces on top of the sausage layer, cutting in half any really thick pieces. Repeat the sausage layer with the second package of sausage and then the bacon layer. Close grill basket. 3. Place grill basket on a hot grill and turn the temperature down to low. Close lid and let cook for 20-25 minutes until brown. Flip and continue cooking another 20-25 min until done. If you prefer to use a smoker, set it at 325º and let cook for 1 hour, flipping halfway through. 4. Remove from grill and transfer to a cutting board. Cut into even squares. Serve on a toasted ciabatta roll with sautéed onions and peppers. This recipe serves 8 people and takes 50 minutes to cook. Enjoy!!